We know how to make an occasion special, trust us. Looking for a place to organise a fabulous birthday party or a lovely anniversary shindig? Or to celebrate an engagement or spend a day out with the family? We can organise it all for you so that you can enjoy your special day minus the headache of putting it together.


The best kind of learning is the sort that takes place outdoors. If you're in charge of a school, bring your kids to our safe environs for a day or overnight picnic; we promise they will have the time of their lives but will also take back valuable life lessons and an active interest in all things natural.


Forgot your toothbrush at home? Or need a new bathing costume? Look up our Tribal Bazaar where you are bound to find a new pair to flaunt. Let us tempt you with some local delicacies, tribal artwork, Warli paintings, locally sourced fruits and dairy products for you to take home and continue your nature-powered indulgence.


We understand that if you’re a city slicker, looking for parking can be more of a nightmare than driving itself. Not here though. We have ample parking space for your vehicles.


If you’re looking for a place for your driver to spend the night at, talk to us and we will make sure that there is comfortable living space for them.


If you take the efforts to catch a bus to visit us, we go a step ahead to help you get to our resort. Let us know your time of arrival at the bus stop and we shall pick you up from Kolad bus stop.


Do not hang out your dirty linen. Give them to us and we will make them fresh and happy.


Working on holiday as well? Or need to quickly send off that email to your boss who’s been on your back all day? Use our WI Fi services to make sure you can remain as connected to the world as you wish to be.