At Tribal Tadka, our in-house restaurant, we get you the best of both worlds—there is pure, simple, local food packed with the goodness of the freshest ingredients, and there is fusion food from around the world to tempt your palate when it wishes to go more experimental. Staying true to its name, the food serves up interesting delicacies that the locals in the area have helped us develop.

While our business is for Kolad visitors, our commitment is to Kolad itself as well.

Helping the cause is the fact that your yummies are cooked with the help of biogas produced from the waste generated by the resort, in a bid to minimise the dumping of garbage.

Food is served in earthen pots and metal plates to enrich your experience.

There is something about indulging in a great meal sitting by the waterside, isn’t it? At River Rock Café, you can have your high tea and munch on scrumptious snacks by the riverside and facing our infinity pool.

Be it summer, winter, or monsoon we can fix up barbecues for you to enjoy right beneath the shimmering stars or thundering clouds. Enjoy the grill in open when the weather is kind to you or get inside our make shift hut when it rains. Sing a song, strum the guitar and dance around as our staff serves you some delicious barbecued delicacies.