Prefer lounging in the gardens with a book? We’ll make sure you’re as comfortable as a bumblebee on a flower. But if you want to do something more than indulging in the art of doing nothing, then here’s what you have at hand.

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The activity that has put Kolad on the map for adventure seekers is one you just can’t afford to miss. Take a seat in our raft and go down the gushing Kundalika rapids that stretch 13 kms and cover Grade II and III rapids. The stretch marks its finish close to our resort which means that if you’re famished post the sport, a meal and a shower are just minutes away.


Keep the kiddos busy through a games session whenever you wish to go rafting or on a trek.Or bring out an entertaining game that the whole family can enjoy. Choose from our stack of games to see which one you’d like best, be it strategy games, word or numbers games.


If you are the one who prefers the ‘doing’ bit of a vacation, sign up for one of our organised treks, the options for which range from easy to difficult. Soak in nature’s offerings as you place your foot, one in front of the other, on the soil and do what we were originally meant to do walk on.


Angling is a great way to slow down time and know what solitude feels like. While we have a river nearby for the experienced; for a newbie our artificial fishing pond is a great place to grab a fishing rod and head to.Who knows, you might even grab a catch that will end up being the best dinner you’ve ever had!


If you’ve already battled the rapids and are looking for a more peaceful water activity, head to the river where a kayaking session awaits you. Or divide yourself in teams for an adrenalin pumped game of water polo. Lots of splashes and fun, guaranteed!


Love to shoot some hoops? Our basketball court will make sure you’re well on your way to straight-A slam dunks. It’s great for a quick sweaty workout post a long, lazy day, or to bond with your kids over a learning lesson in the game. Visit our front desk to borrow equipment in case you left behind yours at home.


There is nothing like seeing the world rush past at your feet. Cycling is a form of motion that allows you to be in full contact with the earth, pausing whenever you wish to and going where no car can. Rent our bicycle to feel the wind in your hair.


If you’re a fan of fluttering beauties, we suggest you carry along your binoculars and camera, along with a small dose of patience. There are several winged creatures flying around our environs that the bird lover in you will enjoy spotting.


Come here with your buddies and enjoy this footy game in the best environment at our mini football field, far from the city’s crowded parks. We assure you that it will be one activity that will have you coming back to our resort on the weekends. Proposed